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Case Study – Performance and budget improvements


One of our clients was in a crisis situation when the Operator in Responsible Charge of their Water Treatment Plant abruptly announced his departure and they had no one certified to fill his position. Additionally, they were already short staffed with an employee that had recently departed. Envirolink responded to the call immediately and had an ORC in place and trained so that the Town did not miss a beat. Once Envirolink was in place, the Town realized that they did not want to be put in this position again and asked Envirolink to put together a proposal to provide turnkey operations and management of the Water Treatment Plant. When preparing our proposal we employed our proven process to identify and establish the key concerns and goals. By coupling our management experience with our purchasing power, we were able to provide our Client with a solution that resulted in 10% savings to their O&M budget, while increasing their ability to dispose of sludge. Our solution improved water quality and allowed our Client to provide additional water to its largest customer, increasing their revenue by over $200,000 per year. In addition, the ability of our Client to meet this customer’s water needs resulted in a capital savings of over $20 million dollars.

Case Study – Managing a Startup Utility


One of Envirolink’s County Public Partners initiated a major endeavor to build its own water system in order to provide safe, dependable water to the residents of the County. As commissioning approached, the Public Partner realized that a funding shortage would not allow construction of several miles of water lines needed to serve critical areas. The Public Partner solicited the assistance of Envirolink. Envirolink was able to assist management with procuring the funding needed and assured that the project was delivered on time. Shortly after award, Envirolink identified that several critical items were still outstanding and had not been initiated. Envirolink stepped in at no cost to the Public Partner to develop the following critical items:

  • Water System Management Plan
  • Developed Rules and Regulations for the Public Partner’s Water System
  • Developed the Public Partner’s Rate Model, Annual and Five Year Operating Budgets

In the words of the Chairman of the County’s Water Planning Committee:

“Without Envirolink’s technical expertise and their willingness to jump in and assist the County, this project would have been delayed over a year and half and cost the County who knows how much money.”

Case Study – Solving Regulatory Issues


A newly hired Town Manager was faced with a situation where the Town’s Water & Sewer Infrastructure had been neglected and a series of choices by the Wastewater Superintendent resulted in a state investigation. Envirolink was contacted by the new Manager and the Town’s engineer to restore compliance, credibility and sustainability to the utility. Envirolink’s startup team mobilized immediately and in under 15 days was able to have a team of professionals in place until permanent staff could be hired, trained and transitioned into daily operations. Additionally, Envirolink’s technical and managerial expertise was able to restore the facility to compliance within 45 days. Two years later, Envirolink and its Public Partner have worked together to make this facility the number 1 rated facility in the watershed while restoring the financial stability of its utility.

We strive to understand your unique challenges and work with you to find the best approach to managing your utilities.