Let us help you with your utility challenges.

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Maximize Your Budget

Through our collective buying power and best practices our clients control costs and increase the quality of their service.

Increase Transparency

Our commitment to communication and reporting, results in greater local control and accountability.

Focus on Your Mission

Your confidence in Envirolink to manage your utility operations will enable you to focus on your core mission and community’s growth.

Guarantee Compliance

Our Performance Guarantee reduces your risk of violations and eliminates your compliance concerns.

Typical Challenges

Working with utilities has let us experience firsthand the many different problems that utilities face. Our experience tells us that these issues can typically be grouped into one of the following five categories:

  • Personnel Issues
  • Adequate Resources
  • Leadership
  • Compliance
  • Planning


I have worked with Envirolink for over two and half years. Their expertise and professionalism has far exceeded my expectations. It is a comfort to know Envirolink provides us with 24/7 on call service. They are always prompt to respond to any issue that may arise. I never worry if the work is going to be done, reports completed, maintenance work performed. If it is supposed to be done, Envirolink does it and does it well!

Connie Spell, District Manager for Eastover Sanitary District

Our Process

Our experience in the utility management industry has allowed us to develop the following process for solving these issues.

  1. Gather – Work in tandem with the Client to gather pertinent information needed.
  2. Analyze & Optimize – Analyze, evaluate and optimize the information using our extensive expertise. This allows us to provide the greatest value to our Clients.
  3. Plan – Plan our work, then work our plan.
  4. Performance – Work with our Clients to implement the plan.
  5. Measure – Monitor and measure our performance against the plan.
  6. Communicate – Educate, report and remain in contact with our client to maintain transparency.


We found the town in a very difficult position with our wastewater treatment plant in staffing, operation and compliance. Envirolink, in partnership with the Town of Robersonville, has provided the resources to put our wastewater treatment plant on a steady path to improvement and cost savings. We value our partnership with Envirolink and look forward to long beneficial relationship.

Elizabeth (Libby) Jenkins, Town Manager, Robersonville, NC

By following this process we are able to truly customize an approach for each Client that will achieve effectively managed infrastructure.